Posted by: austend | Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thoughts on Humility

Here are some thoughts on humility gleaned from one of my professors (Dr. JW):

“Humility is basically agreeing with reality.”

“Being humble doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you.”

“Being humble doesn’t mean you grovel in the dirt all the time.”

“Being humble doesn’t mean there is no reward.”

The attitude of humility is based on the principle in 1 Peter 5: “At the proper time He [God] will exalt you.”

“Modesty and humility are different.”

A thought on humility from Robert F. Morneau in Humility: 31 Reflections on a Christian Virtue:

“What is humility? It is that habitual quality whereby we live in the truth of things: the truth that we are creatures and not the Creator; the truth that our life is a composite of good and evil, light and darkness; the truth that in our littleness we have been given extravagant dignity…. Humility is saying a radical ‘yes’ to the human condition.”


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