Posted by: austend | Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paper on Ecclesiology of the Anabaptists & the Reformers

I posted this on my personal blog the other day: I don’t know if you would be, but perhaps you may be interested in a paper I wrote recently for a Church History class.  The paper is a discussion and contrast of the ecclesiology (the theology of the church) of the Reformers and the Anabaptists. Their views of the church were very different. The Reformers held that the church is composed of the Corpus Christianum–all those who had been baptized (usually as infants). The Anabaptists held that the church was composed of the Corpus Christi–only those who had believed in Christ as Savior. These two differing views led to vastly different worldviews which affected their evangelism, their view of the church & society, their use of coercion, their view of baptism, and their conduct. After reading some of the things Calvin said so harshly against the Anabaptists, I prayed that the Lord would always keep me from being so fiercely and dogmatically wrong. He hated the Anabaptists, but from our perspective in history, the Anabaptists were right! It serves to remind us that we must be careful, cautious, and humble about what we believe. You can read the paper {here} if you would like.

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