Posted by: austend | Thursday, February 19, 2009

Character in Christian Leaders

A quote from a 2003 study by the Barna Research Group on the strongest and weakest character traits of Christian leaders:

Character is not like competencies, for which it is acceptable to ignore your weaknesses and run with your strengths.  Weakness of character will eventually undermine your strengths, no matter how strong they are.  Identifying character vulnerabilities is helpful because it provides an early warning signal of pending disasters.

These are some important words that would be worthwhile to heed.  A Christian leader can improve his leadership skills, his preaching skills, his teaching skills, his discipleship skills, his reasoning abilities, his knowledge of subjects, his administrative abilities, etc., but a deficient character will ruin him no matter how good he is at everything else.  He has to be godly above all else.  A lack of godliness will ultimately sabotage everything else that he is or does.  We must commit to being godly, and we must exercise ourselves in godliness.  As the quote above points out, we must identify those areas of our character that are lacking so that we may consciously try to improve them.  Leaders, please, whatever you do, be godly!

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