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The Discipline of Grace Ch. 11 Pt. 2

Chapter 11 “The Discipline of Choices” Pt. 2

“It is just as true, however, that the discipline and dependence, the commitment and convictions are absolutely necessary to our making the right choices.  We do not make our choices in a vacuum.  They are determined by the convictions we have developed and the conscious or unconscious commitments we have made.  And it is certainly true that, given the remaining presence of indwelling sin, we can make the right choices only through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.”

“What happens when we make wrong choices, when we choose to sin instead of obey God’s Word?  We train ourselves in the wrong direction.  We reinforce the sinful habits we have already developed and allow them to gain greater strength in our souls.”

“We will agree with the teaching of Scripture about some particular sin, and even make a commitment of sorts to put it out of our lives.  But then the temptation to indulge that sin comes once again, and we are unwilling to say no.  We are unwilling to make those tough choices.  We would like to be rid of that sin, and even pray to God to take it away, but are we willing to say ‘no’ to it?”

It is only through making the right choice to obey God’s Word that we will break the habits of sin and develop habits of holiness.  This is where we desperately need the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to make the right choices.  So cry out to God every day for His help for that day, and then cry out again each time you are confronted with the choice to sin or to obey.”

Material including all quotations taken from:
The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (Colorado Springs: Navpress, 2006). {here}

This is part of a series of posts {here}.

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