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The Discipline of Grace Ch. 10

Chapter 10 “The Discipline of Convictions”

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the perfect, acceptable will of God” (Rom. 12.1-2)

We are constantly be influenced by something.  We are constantly being molded and shaped.  We are either being shaped either by God or by the world.  There is no middle ground.  The thing that determines where we are in Christlikeness is “our attitude toward the Word of God and the time we spend thinking about it.”

We should not be conformed to the world’s mold any longer.  We must escape its influence.  But the flipside to this is that we must be transformed into God’s image.  We must be doing both—not being conformed and being transformed.  “The Word of God is the chief instrument that the Holy Spirit uses to transform us.”

“In thinking about Scripture and its application to our lives, we must be sure that we are thinking God’s truth and not our own opinions.”  God does have specific commands about certain areas of our lives, and we must obey those.  Those are not optional just because we don’t like them.  We must also be careful not to suppose that our convictions or thoughts about certain “gray areas” are the same as God’s commands.  We cannot give our convictions the same authority as the Word of God.

“However knowledgeable about Scripture we may be, we need to approach it every day as little children, asking the Holy Spirit to teach us.”

We also must memorize God’s Word so that we have it as a ready weapon to fight temptation or to use in evangelism.  By meditating on it, we are transformed into God’s image.  But we must be sure to also apply it to our lives.  Head knowledge is not enough.  We must put the Scripture into our heart and practice.

Our tendency seems to be to equate knowledge of the truth, and even agreement to it, with obedience to it.”  How wrong!  We must obey it in our daily lives, not just know it and agree with it!

Material including all quotations taken from:
The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (Colorado Springs: Navpress, 2006). {here}

This is part of a series of posts {here}.

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