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The Discipline of Grace Ch. 9

Chapter 9 “The Discipline of Commitment”

“I have taken an oath and confirmed it, that I will follow your righteous laws” (Ps. 119.106)

Along with our prayer life in dependence on the Holy Spirit’s help in living the life of godliness, we must take conscious steps to build up a self-disciplined life of godliness.  This begins with a discipline of making specific commitments to obey God.  For example, I commit not to look at pornography, or I commit not to ever be alone with a woman in my house, or I commit never to cheat on my taxes, or I commit never to lie to my wife.  Begin by making specific commitments not to engage in sins you know are offensive to God.

Commit yourself to God.  Determine to obey His commands.  Do not make any exceptions whatsoever.  Make sure your motives are pure.  Make very specific commitments.  What Christ has done for us is our motivation.

“It is the intention to please God in all our actions that is the key to commitment to a life of holiness.  If we do not make such a commitment to obedience without exception, we will constantly find ourselves making exceptions.  We will have a ‘just one more time’ syndrome in our lives.  But the truth is, the ‘one more time’ manner of thinking undermines our commitment.  Every time we give in to temptation, even though it may seem small and insignificant to us, we make it easier to give in the next time.  Sin has a tendency to exert an ever-increasing power on us if it is not resisted on every occasion.

Material including all quotations taken from:
The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (Colorado Springs: Navpress, 2006). {here}

This is part of a series of posts {here}.

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