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The Discipline of Grace Chs. 6-7

Chapter 6 “Transformed into His Likeness”

“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit” (2 Cor. 3.18)

Bridges’ Main Points:

  1. Regeneration
  2. Sanctification
  3. The Goal [Christlikeness]
  4. A Process [It is not done all at once; sanctification takes our whole lives]
  5. The Agent [the Holy Spirit]
  6. The Means [the Scriptures, adversities, exhortation and encouragement of others]

“Regeneration is an act of God’s Spirit.  Sanctification is a work of God’s Spirit, consequent to that act” –William Plumer (19th cent. Presbyterian minister)

Robert Haldane quotes Mr. Romaine: “No sin can be crucified either in heart or life, unless it be first pardoned in conscience; because there will be want of faith to receive the strength of Jesus, by whom alone it can be crucified.  If it be not mortified [put to death] in its guilt, it cannot be subdued in its power.”  We can never defeat a sin in our lives unless first in our conscience we recognize that Christ has forgiven and defeated that sin in His death.  We can never trust Jesus enough or come close enough to Him to gain His help in defeating that sin in our lives until we are no longer “afraid of Him” and feel guilty before Him because of that sin.  That sin has been paid for, and, therefore, we must come to Him in that boldness to ask His help in putting to death the persistent sins in our lives. Bridges: “The cleansing of our consciences from the guilt of sin must precede our efforts to deal with the presence of sin in our daily lives….We cannot serve God or pursue holiness with any vigor at all if we are dealing with a guilty conscience.  Therefore, we need the Gospel to remind us that our sins are forgiven in Christ, and that ‘the blood of Jesus His Son purifies us from all sin’ (1 John 1.7).”

Chapter 7 “Obeying the Great Commandment”

This chapter is about loving God, since Jesus said that that was the greatest commandment.  It is a good chapter, but I won’t quote much here.

“The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay upon the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to Him is to not believe that He loves you.” -John Owen

Material including all quotations taken from:
The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (Colorado Springs: Navpress, 2006). {here}

Italics are my notes to help in understanding seemingly difficult quotations.

This is part of a series of posts {here}.

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