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The Discipline of Grace Ch. 3

Chapter 3 “Preach the Gospel to Yourself”

One of the keys of successful daily Christian living is to preach the Gospel to yourself every day.  The Gospel is not something that we can forget about after salvation.  It is the vital component of daily Christian living.  This is one of the main focuses of Bridges’ book.

“There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8.1).

“The Gospel (according to Romans 3.19-26):

  1. No one is declared righteous before God by observing the Law (vv. 19-21)
  2. There is righteousness from God that is apart from the Law (v. 21)
  3. The righteousness from God is received through faith in Jesus Christ (v. 22)
  4. This righteousness is available to everyone on the same basis because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (vv. 22-23)
  5. That justification is ‘through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus’ (v. 24)
  6. ‘God presented [Jesus] as a sacrifice of atonement through faith in His blood’ (v. 25)”

“Therefore we must by faith bring the verdict of the conscience [which declares us guilty] into line with the verdict of Heaven [that before God we are righteous in Jesus Christ].”

“Therefore when we are smarting under the conviction of sin, when we realize we’ve failed God one more time, perhaps even in the same sin, we must resort to the cleansing blood of Jesus” to remind ourselves that we are forgiven already.

“It is not our contrition or sorrow for our sin, it is not our repentance, it is not even the passing of a certain number of hours during which we feel we are on some kind of probation that cleanses us.  It is the blood of Christ, shed once for all on Calvary two thousand years ago but appropriated daily or even many times a day, that cleanses our consciences and gives us a renewed sense of peace with God.”

So when we are feeling guilty for the sin we’ve committed during the day, we must remind ourselves that Christ Jesus has died for those sins and paid the penalty in full before God.  We stand before God as righteous as Jesus Christ because we are in Christ.  We must force our consciences to realize this fact to cleanse them from the guilt of sin committed daily.  We must preach the Gospel to ourselves daily to cleanse our guilty conscience.

Material including all quotations taken from:
The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (Colorado Springs: Navpress, 2006). {here}

This is part of a series of posts {here}.

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