Posted by: austend | Friday, December 12, 2008

Thoughts for Teachers Pt. 7

On Review & Repetition:

Review is more than repetition.  A machine repeats.  Review involves new applications and associations.  It brings an increase of facility and power.

Repeat lesson materials with varying emphases.

Review over time, not just in one session.

Not merely to know, but to have knowledge for use—to possess it fully, like money for daily expenditures, or tools and materials for daily work—such is the aim of true study.  This readiness of knowledge cannot be gained by a single study.  Frequent and thorough reviews can alone give this firm hold and free handling of the truth.  There is a skill in scholarship as well as in handicraft, and this skill in both cases depends upon habits; and habit is the child of repetition.

The plastic power of truth in shaping conduct and molding character belongs only to the truths which have become familiar by repetitions.  Not the scamper of a passing child but the repeated tread of coming and going feet beats for us the paths of our daily life.  If we would have any great truth sustain and control us, we must return to it so often that it will at last rise up in mind as a dictate of conscience, and pour its steady light upon every act and purpose with which it is concerned.

These are all thoughts taken directly from:
John Milton Gregory, The Seven Laws of Teaching, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1954). {Here}

This is an outstanding book! I highly recommend it for anyone who does any type of teaching.

Those statements in italics are my explanatory notes for possibly unclear statements.

This is part of a series: {All Posts in Series}

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