Posted by: austend | Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thoughts for Teachers Pt. 6

  1. Find out what your students already know about a subject; this is your starting point.
  2. Begin with facts or ideas that lie near your pupils, and that can be reached by a single step from what is already familiar.
  3. Relate every lesson as much as possible to former lessons, and with the pupils’ knowledge and experience.
  4. Lead the pupils themselves to find illustrations from their own experiences.
  5. Urge the pupils to make use of their own knowledge and attainments in every way that is practical, to find or explain other knowledge.  Teach them that knowledge is power by showing how knowledge really helps to solve problems.

These are all thoughts taken directly from:
John Milton Gregory, The Seven Laws of Teaching, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1954). {Here}

This is an outstanding book! I highly recommend it for anyone who does any type of teaching.

Those statements in italics are my explanatory notes for possibly unclear statements.

This is part of a series: {All Posts in Series}

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