Posted by: austend | Monday, December 8, 2008

Thoughts for Teachers Pt. 5

Make haste slowly but progress surely. Go over materials and lessons slowly but surely.  Teach each lesson completely.  But make sure you are always making progress–you are always moving forward in the great scheme of things.  Don’t go too fast over materials, but don’t get bogged down.

It is the teacher’s mission to stand at the spiritual gateways of his pupils’ minds, serving as a herald of science, a guide through nature, to commend the minds to their work, to place before them the facts to be observed and studied, and to guide them into the right paths to be followed. It is his by sympathy, by example, and by every means of influence to excite the minds of the pupils, to stimulate their thoughts.

The most important stimuli used by nature to stir the minds of men have already been noted. They might be described as the silent but ceaseless questions which the world and the universe are always addressing to man. The eternal questions of childhood are really the echoes of these greater questions. The object or the event that excites no question will provoke no thought…. Questioning is the excitation of the self-activities to their work of discovering truth.

These are all thoughts taken directly from:
John Milton Gregory, The Seven Laws of Teaching, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1954). {Here}

This is an outstanding book! I highly recommend it for anyone who does any type of teaching.

Those statements in italics are my explanatory notes for possibly unclear statements.

This is part of a series: {All Posts in Series}

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