Posted by: austend | Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thoughts for Teachers Pt. 4

Use your [vocal] volume, move your hands, show visuals as a means to draw the student’s attention.

Don’t help your students too much. They need to learn some things by themselves.

Don’t be so concerned about getting through the material that your students don’t learn it.

When it is necessary to teach a new word, give the idea before the word. This can be done best by simple illustrations closely related to the student’s own experiences.

These are all thoughts taken directly from:
John Milton Gregory, The Seven Laws of Teaching, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1954). {Here}

This is an outstanding book! I highly recommend it for anyone who does any type of teaching.

Those statements in italics are my explanatory notes for possibly unclear statements.

This is part of a series: {All Posts in Series}

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