Posted by: austend | Monday, August 4, 2008

God’s Will in Our Will

My pastor brought up an interesting point last Wednesday that I had not considered before.

More often then not, when we think about “walking in the Spirit”, we conjure up some kind of image of acting like a robot and allowing the Holy Spirit to move our lips, feet, and hands to do His will, totalling apart from what we want to do.  Sort of like a Divine Puppeteer.  We get put on remote operation mode with God at the controls.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

God’s will never works outside of our will.  He works through our will as we come to know Him better.

The goal of the Christian life is not that we would become easier puppets to work with.  The goal of our existence is to grow closer in our relationship to God.  This comes by prayer, meditation, and reading His Word.  As we put into practice what we read in Holy Writ, our experiential knowledge of Him is increased.  And, as our experiential knowledge of Him grows, we find that our will–what we want to do–becomes more and more conformed to His will–what He wants us to do.  We find ourselves actually performing His will, though we had just intended to be performing our will.  Our will is slowly being molded into His will–His hatred of sin and love of compassion.

Thus, as we become closer to Him, we can relax more in the circumstances of our daily life, knowing that they are the outworking of His will.

As we live for Him, and as our will is conformed into His will, we can have confidence that what happens to us is an outworking of His will, not ours alone.  But, all this is contingent upon our growing in experiential knowledge of the Lord.

So, don’t act like a robot and expect to become more godly.  Sanctification is not an entirely passive work.  You must be engaged.  You must be working at it.  You must pursue a relationship with the Master, submit to His commands, trust in His sanctifying power, and rest in His strength; and as you do these things, you will begin to realize that you are performing His will through your own in-the-process-of-being-sanctified will.

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