Posted by: austend | Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thoughts from David Baron

These are more thoughts from David Baron gleaned from Israel in the Plan of God {here}:

…This, then, is how Jewish history ends: not in unbelief and apostasy, but in a glorious restoration, to be followed by a national conversion which will be as ‘life from the dead’ to the whole world.

Nothing drives homes the consciousness of sin so surely as contemplation of God’s loving-kindness.

Oh the terrible bias to evil and godlessness in our depraved human nature!  We are ever ‘slow of heart to believe,’ and reluctant to obey God’s word, but ready ‘to make haste’ to forget His word and works, and to rush into evil!

…And it was an aggravation of their sin that they lusted after these things ‘in the wilderness‘ (see Ps. 106.14), for it showed how little their hearts were set on that Land of Promise to which they were being led.  There–in the land flowing with milk and honey–abundance of meat and corn and wine, and every other good thing, ,were promised them if they truly obeyed God’s voice and kept His word.  As to the wilderness, they were only intended to pass through it, and ought to have been satisfied with the supply of their barest necessities.  God, however, in His wisdom and goodness, provided for them even in the desert, not only in abundance, but also the most suitable food, considering the climate and the circumstances in which they found themselves.  But so little did they enter into God’s plan and purpose for them that they were for ever complaining because they could not have their favorite dainties in the wilderness, and even murmured at finding the desert ‘no place of seed, or of figs,  or of vines, or of pomengranates’–as if God had intended them to settle there!

Speaking of how Israel as a nation was to (and still will) bring blessing to all the nations:

…But the inclusion of Gentile believers within the bounds of promise and of covenant does not affect the purpose of God with the nation, nor does the Church displace Israel in the plan of God in relation to the other nations.  The mission of the Church is to evangelize the world with a view to the gathering in of individuals out of all nations to its fold, but it is reserved for restored and converted Israel as a nation to bring the nations to a knowledge of their glorious Messiah and King, and bring universal blessing to the world.

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