Posted by: austend | Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fed by Ravens

There is a remarkable account found in I Kings 17. A drought was coming upon Israel thanks to Elijah’s prophecy, but God promised to take care of Elijah. He was going to meet his needs, but He was going to do it through extraordinary means. The Lord promised that the ravens would bring Elijah food. This sounds so absolutely fantastic to our “modern” ears. How we revel in such miracles of days long ago when God worked so obviously. We would be so happy if only God still worked like this in our own lives. We are miracle-seekers. We want to see something unexplainable. But on the other hand, although we wouldn’t admit it, the age in which we live has rubbed off on us far too much. We have become beings who accept only rationalistic explanations for things. Science and technology have replaced God’s miracles to us. We essentially deny the supernatural in our daily lives. And it is a pity. If only the Lord would open our eyes to the daily miracles He gives us! If only we could see how often He intervenes on our behalf to protect us from danger, to spare us from temptation, to meet our needs, and to bless us beyond imagination. I truly believe that when we are glorified and can review our lives from God’s perspective, we will be astonished at how actively the Lord was involved in our day-to-day lives working miracles for us. Every moment we are alive, every breath we take, is a miracle in itself, but I think that we are blessed from Above far more than even that.

Rather than waiting for some awesome miracle to happen to you, take a look at what God is doing for you right now. God doesn’t usually work through ravens anymore. He works through people and through circumstances. But does that deny any of the awesomeness of His work? Of course not! In fact, I think it highlights His work all the more because we are so prone to take for granted His work for us through Providence. Even though we are such ungrateful gift-receivers, He continues to lavish His grace upon us! That makes His present work all the more astounding.

As a testimony to God’s present working of miracles, I point out a friend of mine. Just as the ravens had no earthly reason whatsoever to bring food they had gathered to a man out in the wilderness, so this friend of mine has had no earthly reason whatsoever to be so kind to me. Yet over and over again he has been the instrument of God’s blessing on my life. He is a successful, well-educated, very intelligent engineer. For no earthly reason whatsoever, he hired an eighteen-year-old-kid (me) with no background at all in engineering to work for him. He and his staff have taught me everything I know about my job where I have worked for the past four years. Not only that, but He has astonished me by hiring me back three separate times to work for him over summers and breaks from school. Who does that? Who actually seeks out his former employee again to hire him back? No one else I know of! Thanks to working for him I am able to drive a reliable car, and my student loans won’t be quite so unmanageable. This break I have been back at work for three weeks so far, and I have already seen the Lord send His ravens to provide my needs three times through my friend. Firstly, after I had discovered that there were no jobs in my town through the classified ads, I began to become slightly discouraged. Two days after that, I received an email from my friend asking me if I was interested in working for him again. He had no idea that I was seeking a job or that I had not had any luck yet, and thus far I had had no contact with him. Yet the Lord used him to seek me out and provide me with a job that was totally of His doing. Secondly, he helped make it possible for me to participate in an upcoming trip that I am taking. He had no reason whatsoever to do this, and yet he did it. Thirdly, he just paid me far more than I deserved on my first paycheck. He has been so good to me for no understandable reason. I can only think that the Lord is using him to help me.

I am here to tell you that the Lord still works miracles not that unlike what He did for Elijah so long ago. I have seen no black birds bring me scraps of meat and bread, but I have seen this generous friend of mine bless me immeasurably with financial gifts spanning my entire employment with him. Is it less miraculous that my God has provided for my daily needs through a man rather than through a bird? I think not. He still has provided for me far beyond what I deserve through no effort of my own.

Take a look at your own life. I bet that you have several ravens disguised as people in your own circumstances that are miraculously providing for you, even though you may not have noticed them before. Be grateful for them, for they are undeserved. Thank God for His faithfulness in dealing with His children. Stop seeking a miracle and look for how He is working right now in your life.

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