Posted by: austend | Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ministerial Self-Sufficiency

Here’s a funny quote worth repeating from a professor of mine, who will remain nameless, speaking to a bunch of future pastors:

“Don’t ever take the attitude that you and God are the Dynamic Duo, and God is Robin.”

As funny as that may sound, how often do those in ministerial leadership really take that kind of attitude? How often do we think that we’re “all that”? Far too often we succumb to the attitude that we are invincible and that we can do everything. Never, never become self-sufficient and arrogant. The greatest danger to any pastor’s ministry is himself. As soon as the spiritual leader loses his complete, total dependence on God to do everything, he becomes utterly useless. It is only the Spirit of God that is capable of doing anything. We are mere “earthen vessels” given the awesome privilege of holding and dispensing the Word of Truth capable of transforming lives. Never allow yourself to think that you’re anything more than an instrument in His hands. You are God’s servant. “…apart from Me, you can do nothing.” (John 15.5)

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