Posted by: austend | Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Joy of Discovering New-Old Music

One of my greatest joys if discovering new music in church. Most often, though, the “new” music I discover is really not new at all. Most of the music I have found and loved in the church in the past two years that I have never heard of before has turned out to be hymns that were written decades or even centuries earlier.


I really think that the church needs to not be so attached to their hymnal or their powerpoint screen or their list of songs that they use all the time. So many good songs are being lost because no one knows about them. They pass away quietly into the depths of Oblivion where no one remembers them anymore. That is one good thing I have found about some of the churches in Southern California who are “looking” for new music. They often resort to new songs being written today by songwriters (not theologians or pastors), but they occasionally do find a good old forgotten song resurrected by a “modern” artist who redoes it.


Now, I must admit, I have lived a somewhat sheltered church music existence until the past two years, so I’m sure the songs I have “discovered” are not new to many of you, but I have had such great joy in coming across them while trying out different churches in Southern California.


Examples of these songs include: “Before the Throne of God Above“, “Jesus I My Cross Have Taken“, “Here Is Love” {or here}, “Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder” as well as “modern hymns” like “In Christ Alone” and “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us.”


Someday, I would like to peruse the whole of and discover all sorts of “new” music. I think the church would do well to revive the great theological treatises and the lilting harmonies of old that have so long been unsung by modern voices.

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