Posted by: austend | Sunday, November 11, 2007

Women, Character & The Word of God

Rick Holland shared some extremely edifying things today in Crossroads {here} that I thought I’d pass along. The subject was “Biblical Femininity” based on I Peter 3.1-6.

“The wife is the Queen of the House, a Joint Heir of Grace, and Her Husband’s Joy.”

“She is to be submissive in her marriage to her husband—not to just any man, but to her husband.”

1) She is to be submissive in her marriage. (vs. 1)
2) She is to be respectable in her behavior. (vs. 1-2)
3) She is to be modest in her adornments. (vs. 3-4)
a. Her appearance is not the most attractive thing on her. Her character is.
b. But she doesn’t need to wear a bag over her head and be ugly.
c. She doesn’t dress to impress.
4) She is to be dignified in her spirit. (vs. 4)
5) She is Biblical in her imitation. (vs. 5-6)

“Submission has great evangelism power to an unsaved husband.”

“The wife shouldn’t put her hope in marriage, or in a guy, or in children. Her hope should be in the Lord (vs. 5). ‘Hope’=’confidence.'”

“In marriage, grace does something to you together that it could not do to you individually. Marriage is a sanctifier.

“It is possible that the submission of a wife to her husband may be taken advantage of, especially if the husband is not a godly man, but she is still called to do it. The responsibility of the husband is much greater. His is to love his wife as Christ loved the Church (Eph. 5.25). Let God deal with an ungodly husband. He gives joy and grace and strength to the wife if she obeys Him.”

These thoughts are very powerful. Submission is not some oppressive, antiquated concept. It is still what the Lord wants His followers to do. Submission is a beautiful thing because the Lord Himself submitted to others.

This really makes me examine the character of any girl I am interested in. Does she have these characteristics of a godly woman?

Let Rick also encourage the girls out there:

“The gift of a woman’s submission to her husband is a tremendous gift. She must choose wisely who she gives it to. She must pick him wisely. She must scrutinize him thoroughly. She must measure him against Christ. She must make sure that he is worthy of being submitted to. She must understand Biblical masculinity also so that she knows what a godly man looks like. When she finds the guy who most reminds her of Christ, she should take him.”

What kind of woman are you?  Do you exhibit these character qualities?  If you’re a man, what kind of woman are you looking for?  Are you basing your judgment on looks alone, or are you weighing her character?

As Howard Hendricks says, “Don’t fall in love with a body.  Bodies fade and break down as they age.  Fall in love with a personality [and her character].  Personality [and character] only improve with time and growth.”

I encourage you to check out Rick’s entire series on Biblical Femininity {here}. He will be starting in on Biblical Masculinity very soon, so stayed tuned!

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