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Guidance Pt. III

The last batch of highlights from F.B. Meyer’s The Secret of Guidance:


Christ’s indwelling of us must be accepted by faith. “…our constant mistake about the things of God [is] we try to feel them. If we feel them, we believe them; otherwise we take no account of them. We reverse the Divine order. We say, feeling, FAITH, FACT. God says FACT, FAITH, feeling. With Him feeling is of small account-He only asks us to be willing to accept His own Word, and to cling to it because He has spoken it, in entire disregard of what we may feel.” (37)


“Our feelings are very deceptive, because [they are] so easily wrought on from without. They are affected by the state of our health, changes in the weather, the society or absence of those who love. When the air is light, and the sun shines, and we have slept well, we are more likely to feel disposed toward God than when the dripping November fog drenches the woodlands. The Father who made us and knows our frame, understands this…” (57)


“There can be no doubt that some trials are permitted to come to us, as to our Lord, for no other reason than that by means of them we should become able to give sympathy and succor to others.” (92)


“Remember that somehow suffering rightly borne enriches and helps mankind. If you believe this, could you not bear to suffer? Is not the chief misery of all suffering its loneliness, and perhaps its apparent aimlessness? Then dare to believe that no man dies to himself. Fall into the ground, bravely and cheerfully, to die. If you refuse this, you will abide alone; but if you yield to it, you will bear fruit which will sweeten the lot and strengthen the life of others who perhaps will never know your name, or stop to thank you for your help.” (99)


“God is as much in the world [today] as He was when Enoch walked with Him, and Moses communed with Him face to face.” (105)


We oftentimes fail to grasp the fact that the Spirit of God indwells us. Why do we not realize this?

“It is because your life is so hurried. You do not take time enough for meditation and prayer. The Spirit of God within you and the Presence of God without you cannot be discerned while the senses are occupied with pleasure, or the pulse beats quickly, or the brain is filled with the tread of many hurrying thoughts.” (107)


How can we sense His presence more deeply?

1) Be pure in heart.
2) Keep His commandments.
3) Continue in the spirit of prayer.
4) Cultivate the habit of speaking aloud to God.
5) Meditate much upon the Word.
6) Be diligent in Christian work.
7) Cultivate the habit of recognizing the Presence of God.


Source: Meyer, F.B. The Secret of Guidance. Chicago: Moody, 1960. {Here} or {Here}

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