Posted by: austend | Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guidance Pt. II

More highlights from F.B. Meyer’s great book, The Secret of Guidance.

God so often guides us by circumstances.

The circumstances of our daily life are to us an infallible indication of God’s will, when they concur with the inward promptings of the Spirit and with the Word of God.” (18)

“We often make a great mistake, thinking that God is not guiding us at all, because we cannot see far in front. But this is not His method. He only undertakes that the steps of a good man should be ordered by the Lord. Not next year, but tomorrow. Not the next mile, but the next yard.” (18)

“If you do not know what you ought to do, stand still until you do.” (18)

“…emotion is no true test of our spiritual state.” (22)

“God does not hold us responsible for what we feel, but what we will.” (25)

“When you feel least inclined for it, there is most need to make for your closet with the shut door [doing personal devotions in quiet time]. Do for duty’s sake what you cannot do as a pleasure, and you will find it becomes delightful.” (31)

Why do we sometimes not have His clear guidance?

1) Perhaps we live too much in our feelings, too little in our will.
2) Perhaps we have disobeyed some clear command.
3) Perhaps we are permitting some known evil.
4) Perhaps we look too much inward on self, instead of outward on the Lord Jesus.
5) Perhaps we spend too little time in communion with God through His Word.
6) Perhaps we have never given ourselves entirely over to the Mastership of the Lord Jesus.

Source: Meyer, F.B. The Secret of Guidance. Chicago: Moody, 1960. {Here} or {Here}

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