Posted by: austend | Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Guidance Pt. I

How do I know God’s will? I found a remarkable little book entitled The Secret of Guidance by F.B. Meyer that provides some helpful thoughts. Here are some highlights:


Some claim that they cannot know God’s will because they are stupid and ignorant. “Oh! weary, perplexed and stupid children, believe in the great love of God, and cast yourselves upon it, sure that He will come down to your ignorance, and suit Himself to your needs, and will take ‘the lambs in His arms and carry them in His bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.’” (11)

What are conditions for understanding God’s guidance?
1) Our motives must be pure.
2) Our will must be surrendered.
3) We must seek information for our mind.
4) We must be much in prayer for guidance.
5) We must wait the gradual unfolding of God’s plan in Providence.

On the third point:

“It is of great importance, then, that we should feed our minds with facts, with reliable information, with the results of human experience, and (above all) with the teachings of the Word of God.” (14)

“We have no need or right to run hither and thither to ask our friends what we ought to do; but there is no harm in our taking pains to gather all reliable information, on which the flame of holy thought and consecrated purpose may feed and grow strong. It is for us ultimately to decide as God shall teach us, but His voice may come to us through the voice of sanctified common sense, acting on the materials we have collected.” (14-15)

“But for the most part God will speak in the results of deliberate consideration, weighing and balancing the pros and cons.” (15)

On the fifth point:

“God’s impressions within and His Word without are always corroborated by His Providence around, and we should quietly wait until these three focus into one point.” (16)

“Sometimes it looks as if we are bound to act. Everyone says we must do something; and, indeed, things seem to have reached so desperate a pitch that we must….It is not easy at such times to stand still and see the salvation of God; but we must. When Saul compelled himself, and offered sacrifice, because he thought that Samuel was too late in coming, he made the great mistake of his life.” (16-17)

“God may delay to come in the guise of His Providence….There was delay…to raise Lazarus. There was delay ere the angel sped to Peter’s side on the night before his expected martyrdom. He stays long enough to test patience of faith, but not a moment behind the extreme hour of need.” (17)

Source: Meyer, F.B. The Secret of Guidance. Chicago: Moody, 1960. {Here} or {Here}

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