Posted by: austend | Sunday, November 4, 2007

God, It’s Just Like You

Isn’t it funny how often we pray for something and claim we trust God about it, but then we are surprised when He answers it? It seems like that happens every time I pray and He answers. Why are we surprised? It’s because we don’t truly trust Him to answer us. It’s as when the early church was praying for Peter’s release from prison and were so surprised when the Lord broke him out that they didn’t believe they servant girl who had left him at the front door (Acts 12).

This week I was visiting a school in Washington. In class on the first day the President of the school gave us a prayer request that the school needed $20,000 to make payroll that day, and he didn’t know where it was going to come from. We prayed about it then. It seemed like an insurmountable need, though. That is a lot of money! Later that day a donation of $10,000 came in, and they were able to scrounge up another $10,000 to meet that day’s need. So the Lord had provided. But the next day after chapel a totally anonymous cashier’s check came in the mail–in the amount of $50,000! That night at dinner with the faculty, the President announced the Lord’s amazing provision for the school and remarked in his prayer, “God, it’s just like you to be so gracious to us and supply more than we ever need.”

Isn’t that our God, though? It is just like Him to meet our needs more abundantly than we could ever imagine. Isn’t that the story of our lives? What would happen if we asked God more and if we trusted Him more? I truly believe that we would witness things that were so astounding that it would defy the wildest imagination.

On my return plane ride home, I was upgraded to First Class for free. I was treated fabulously and was given a full dinner in-flight complete with real silverware. That was especially nice since I had not had dinner! Not only that (and I was way more comfortable than in Coach), but I had the pleasure of chatting with a delightful, delightful man the entire way. He too was a believer and our conversation was just charming as we discussed spiritual matters, and he gave me wonderful personal advice which I think will do much good.

“God, it’s just like You to be so gracious to me and to provide more than I ever needed! Teach me to ask and to trust.”

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