Posted by: austend | Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dying Grace

Spurgeon had a very vivid memory from his childhood of a sermon that his grandfather preached:


“My aged grandfather once preached a sermon which I have not yet forgotten. He was preaching from the text, ‘the God of all grace,’ and he somewhat interested the assembly, after describing the different kinds of grace that God gave, by saying at the end of each period, ‘But there is one kind of grace you do not want.’ After each part of his theme, there came the like sentence, ‘But there is one kind of grace you do not want.’ And then he wound up by saying, ‘You don’t want dying grace in living moments, but you shall have dying grace when you need it. When you are in the condition to require it, you shall have grace enough if you put your trust in Christ.’ In a party of friends, we were discussing the question whether, if the days of martyrdom should come, we were prepared to be burned. I said, ‘I must frankly tell you that, speaking as I feel to-day, I am not prepared to be burned; but I do believe that, if there were a stake at Smithfield, and I knew that I was to be burned there at one o’clock, I should have grace enough to be burned there when one o’clock came.’”


What do you think? Are you willing to die for Christ? Is that a cause worth dying for to you? If you trust Christ, then the dying grace necessary for that cruel hour of martyrdom will be provided. I hope we never face that hour in this country, but there are brothers and sisters all over the world who are provided dying grace every day. Let us not be slack to remember them in their persecution. May God grant us grace to live for Him and, if necessary, to die for Him.


Source: Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. C.H. Spurgeon Autobiography Volume 1: The Early Years 1834-1859. Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 2005. Pages 104-105. {Here}

Get it here online! It’s chapter 8 “Experiences After Conversion.”


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