Posted by: austend | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What’s in a Name?

“What is the name of this blog all about, anyway?” you might wonder. “Where goest thou?” Sounds rather Puritan-esque. True. I must admit, I greatly admire the Puritans. They may not have had quite everything right doctrinally, but many of the most important influences in my life have been Puritans, especially Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

At any rate, the title comes from a thought I had concerning Pilgrim’s Progress by Bunyan (another Puritan). I want this thought to be the theme for my life right now. I imagine in my mind’s eye a scene very much from the pages of Pilgrim’s life. In this scene I (as Pilgrim) am walking along the road. I no longer have a burden on my back, for that dropped off at the Cross. Guided by a trusty Map in my hands, I walk through a small village, perhaps located in Northern California. The inhabitants of the city are not accustomed to strangers and examine me. Some are interested in the foreigner who passes through their streets. Others could care less and go about their lives as if nothing was amiss. Many others like me have passed by this way before with much the same treatment from the locals. I stop and ask everyone I meet to come along with me on my journey. Some disinterestedly wave me away from them; others angrily spit at my feet; some politely inquire about my journey but really aren’t interested. But still others genuinely ask, “Where goest thou?” To this I quite gladly answer, “I am going to the Celestial City whose Builder and Maker is God. I do not belong to this earth. I am a pilgrim on a journey. I have been to the Cross and met Him who died for me, and now I am going to His City to live with Him forever.” A very few join me on this journey. Some of these I know will soon abandon our little party as they look back with regret at the comfortable city they have known for so long. But a few will be faithful companions with me for the entire journey. I take great comfort to see the footprints of other fellow pilgrims in the road who have gone before me leading to the City I desire to see. And, so, I press on, for I am convinced that the City and the One who dwells there will surpass all the fading beauties this world could offer me.

I hope I never forget that blessed thought. I hope I never let the world wear me down and cause me to forget that my citizenship is in Heaven from where I await a Savior. I don’t belong to this world, and, therefore, I shouldn’t be like it, though all too often I am. I trust that by remembering this theme that I shall evaluate my conduct and thoughts and speech and apply myself with all due diligence to putting into practice the conduct and thoughts and speech of the Place to which I am going.

My question for you is, “Where goest thou?” I hope to see you at the same destination one day. If you would join me, we shall, for we have the Map which was left for us by the One who died for us on the Cross. He tells us, “Flee from the wrath to come!” and “Come unto Me!” Won’t you leave your burden at the Cross? And if you have been freed from it, where goest thou now? Join me, and we shall journey to the Celestial City together.

Updated: Oct 18

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